Time To Sell Your Home – Make Curb Appeal A Priority


Tips on making curb appeal more attractive

If you’re preparing to sell your home, you probably have a list a mile long of things that need to be done. You have to focus on getting your home ready, preparing a new place and still take care of your daily duties. While a real estate agent is going to make things easier on you, the fact is that cashing in your largest investment, no matter the reason, can sometimes take awhile. And, you want to ensure that you have done everything you can in order to make this decision in your life a profitable one.

Curb appeal is extremely important

You have not only the market to consider but the local forecast of the housing market specifically as well as matching up with a prospective buyer. No matter what type of home you’re selling, understand that curb appeal has everything to do with making that proper first impression and translating it into a sale. So what makes for great curb appeal when trying to get the attention of buyers?

Imagine you’re selling a three bedroom single family home in a quiet neighborhood located in a small rural town. Perhaps you’ve updated the carpets, put some fresh paint on the inside walls and renovated the kitchen. But, no one is going to see this when driving by or looking at pictures of the outside of the home. Instead, even with pictures of the interior, the first real glance anyone is going to get of the home is when they pull up in the driveway. What do you want them to see? Especially in smaller towns, you can be sure that a home for sale with great curb appeal is going to get some attention.

Small changes to landscape are important

A well-manicured lawn with plants, flowers and trees that are taken care of properly is very important. Clean-cut is key here, and it has everything to do with how your home is perceived by the potential buyers. If it’s fall, then make sure you have the leaves raked. If you need to plant some flowers, a few bright additions to the lawn can really be appealing.

While each buyer is going to be viewing the home through a different lens when it comes to style and preference, you cannot go wrong with a clean-cut lawn, beautifully landscaped. You can be rest assured that anyone pulling up to your home is going to pay just as much attention to the yard as they will the exterior of the home. And, also think of space, especially if your yard is on the smaller side. Do not crowd your yard by any means. And, there are some really cool ways you can use landscaping stones to make a yard open up and look even more spacious. All of these ideas having to do with your lawn are inexpensive yet very effective.

Pay attention to the front door and entrance

Does the front door to your home look inviting? Could it use a fresh coat of paint or perhaps a nice wreath? Each home is different, but pay close attention to not only the door but the whole front entrance. Maybe you have a concrete porch that could use some paint, or perhaps you could put a plant of two on the front stoop. Think as if you are the prospective buyer, viewing your home from the curb. What other kinds of changes could you make to the front entrance?

Make a list of what you see

After addressing initial concerns to the landscape and the front entrance, it’s time to make a list that you can work from. If you have noticed any repairs that need to be made, these need to go to the top of the list. You don’t want any potential buyers noticing needed repairs as they pull up to your home. As you move past repairs, you can then work on the aesthetic improvements that have made your list.

Clean driveways and sidewalks

It doesn’t take much to rent a pressure washer and give your driveway and sidewalks a good cleaning. Many people don’t bother with this, but it can make a huge difference. Doing this can make these areas look brand new. Now imagine a manicured landscape, inviting front entrance, repairs checked off the list, and your sidewalk and driveway sparkling clean.

When it comes to a manicured lawn, you can also make everything look more uniformed if you rent an edger. While you may not normally do this, it really makes a difference when trying to sell. Also, grabbing the pruning sheers and trimming trees and shrubs also can really freshen up the outside of your home.

Clean up the siding on your home

What type of siding is on your home? You might look at the siding and feel that it looks just fine. However, think about the minor changes that you’ve already made that have produced a major impact on how your home is viewed from the curb. Pressure washing your home’s exterior really helps, and so does thoroughly cleaning the windows.

What kind of exterior lighting do you have out front? Could you place some solar lights along the sidewalk in a fashionable way? What does your front porch light fixture look like? Does your mail box look presentable? Each of these ideas area again inexpensive but really noticed when buyers pull up.

Curb appeal as you can see is vitally important to how your home is perceived. Making a list of things to do and checking them off will find buyers flocking to to see the inside of your home whereas other sellers miss out, having not thought deeply about curb appeal. First impressions are always extremely important.

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